Amtrak IT Recruiting Meet Up

Amtrak IT Team photo


We are thrilled to report our most recent IT Recruiting Meet Up was a success!  A huge success!

What is an IT Recruiting meet up you ask?

It’s an opportunity for the Amtrak recruiting and leadership teams to meet IT professionals and an opportunity for IT professionals to meet the Amtrak recruiters.  It sounds simple and it is simple.  It’s Networking 101.  In person, no less!

We met with about a dozen candidates from a variety of  IT backgrounds and experience levels.   Candidates had a chance to talk face to face with Amtrak Senior IT Leaders on the future of IT within our organization.   Even better, candidates  left the event inspired about the current and future career opportunities within Amtrak!

Amtrak hiring events are great opportunities for you to visit with our team and to ask specific questions about our company. But don’t worry we have more events are being planned for the spring!  And, if you do not see a hiring event at in your area, you can always apply for open IT positions online.

P.S.  Before the next IT Recruiting Meet up, brush up on your networking skills for hiring events.