Amtrak Recycles!


Amtrak is committed to making recycling an integral part of train travel and strives to protect the environment and conserve resources by reusing and recycling materials. Our major maintenance facilities contribute by recycling a variety of industrial materials including cardboard, scrap metal, and parts. The materials that our facilities recycle include old wires, used oil, wheel turnings, batteries and solder. Recycled parts include wheels, axles, brake shoes, radiators, windows and even mattresses.

Throughout the Amtrak trains, all café and lounge cars have been equipped with a built-in recycling container designated for collection of plastic, glass and aluminum cans and bottles. All Acela Express trains are equipped with containers in the café cars and First Class cars to recycle newspapers and magazines as well as bottles and cans. Recycling containers have also been installed in Amtrak-owned station concourses and food courts to increase the availability of recycling for our passengers.

Check out this behind the scenes information at one of our 24-hour maintenance facilities.

With more than 20,000 employees, we are always looking for areas to improve, so our Environment and Sustainability group has initiated a recycling working group. This group will be working on issues to increase recycling onboard our trains, make the program more visible, and provide training throughout the company.

You can learn more about how Amtrak recycles visit us online!