Amtrak is Vigilant About Safety


As we progress into the New Year, we’d like to reflect on how can we make this new year a safe one with a renewed awareness on safety with a few tips.

Think about our actions and their consequences – It is true that every action has a reaction. Think about what could possibly go wrong with what we are doing; then think about what we can do to prevent it. Remember to maintain a heightened sense of awareness regarding safety risk and take consistent action to reduce exposure to you and others.

Communication – It is important that we all participate in safety discussions. If you are leading a safety discussion, engage others by asking questions and getting feedback.

Ask Questions – When it comes to safety, No question is wrong. The answer to your question could prevent someone from being injured; help by participating.

Take Your Time – There is no reason to hurry through a safety discussion. Take your time and have a conversation about safety. Rushing could add to the possibility of missing something important for your co-workers.

Personal Sharing – Your personal attitude and role modeling are critical factors in the success of your effective safety discussions.

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