#AmtrakCareersTIP: Feedback=Power


By the Amtrak My CareerTrack Team

Feedback may not always be what you want to hear, but it is a powerful source of information for individuals at all career stages.  Consider the saying, “You can’t fix, what you don’t know is broken”.  Whether or not you agree with what others think of you, it is helpful to know how you are perceived by others so you can take action to improve your standing at work.  Rather than just going through the motions of the End-of-Year Wrap-Up, use the process as a way to gain insightful knowledge about yourself and other’s perceptions of you at work.  Below are some tips for receiving feedback so that you can make the most of it.

  • Solicit feedback in clear and specific areas – For instance, ask for examples of how you perform specific tasks or work interactions or in an interview situation consider asking for examples of why you were selected for the job interview.
  • Seek to understand the feedback – You do not need to agree with it to understand it.  Often times it will be more helpful for you to understand why you are thought of in a certain way opposed to arguing about why it is not true of you.  Remember other people’s perceptions of you are their reality and affect how they interact with you.
  • Paraphrase the feedback that you receive – This will show that you are listening and can provide an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings.
  • Request information related to the impact of your behavior – Try to get insight on how your actions impacted your interview, work products/processes, individuals and work groups.
  • Request suggestions for how to improve areas of weakness and leverage your strengths – Whether feedback is positive or negative, try to get some guidance on how to strengthen your performance.