LinkedIn Video: Top Five Profile To-Do’s

So, you want to join Linkedin to help with your Amtrak career development or your Amtrak job search?

Regardless of your current job status, having an updated Linkedin profile will help you in your career growth.  If you are a current Amtrak employee, your Linkedin profile allows you to become a brand ambassador and further connect with your Amtrak colleagues.  You may also find your Linkedin profile will help others find a new career on #TeamAmtrak.  If you are actively seeking a career at Amtrak, an updated and complete Linkedin profile will help Amtrak recruiters understand what sets you apart from other candidates.

To help you get started, below is a great video by Linkedin of the top 5 profile To-Do’s to get you started. And to top it off, we’ve provided an additional 10-point checklist.

BONUS 10-Point Linkedin Profile Checklist:

1. Set you vanity URL

By default, your Linkedin URL includes numbers and characters and is quite long. Customize your Linkedin URL by adding your name when you are editing your profile and include this on your resume and email signature.

2. Include Other Web References
Add a link to your personal website, Twitter account, blog, or other links to your profile within the “contact info” section.

3. Include a Summary
This is your opportunity to highlight the best of your experience and skills. Be sure to write this summary in there first person.

4. Embed Media
Add work related documents, video, images, audio in your summary, work experience and education sections.

5. Education
List your concentration, major or minor and certifications for all institutions you’ve attended.

6. Status Updates
Keep your profile updated and regularly update your status. A status update may include a link to an article, information about a professional conference you are attending, or you may consider asking a question of your network to encourage interaction.

7. Groups
Join college alumni groups, professional associations, and any industry or company related groups such as the Amtrak IT Jobs, Amtrak Veteran Careers, and Amtrak Students.  Select to share the group badges on your profile and visit the group often to participate in discussions by answering questions or sharing links to interesting articles.

8. Get 100% Complete
Help recruiters understand what sets you apart from other candidates by completing your profile with awards, honors, and certifications.

9. Make It Public
If you are an active job seeker, help recruiters find you by making sure your Linkedin profile is viewable by everyone. You can edit your privacy settings at any time.

10. Start connecting
Connect with your current colleagues, classmates, and industry professionals.

Not sure how to edit your profile?  This Linkedin tutorial will help.