Interviewing at Amtrak

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We’re training #TeamAmtrak on how to have the best interview of your life! This training will benefit internal candidates (current employees) AND external candidates (future employees). The Amtrak Human Capital team is pleased to announce that education for the new interviewing system called Targeted Selection® has resumed.

Targeted Selection is a comprehensive, proven, and accurate behavior-based interviewing system that will standardize and improve the way we conduct our hiring process. The benefits of the Targeted Selection interviewing system are:

  1. Provides a more structured, efficient, and consistent process allowing hiring managers to make better hiring decisions.
  2. Increases the hiring manager’s interviewing skills and confidence through the use of a consistent and targeted hiring process; asking behavioral based questions, and using the Situation Task Action Result (STAR) concept to ensure that we obtain complete and objective job-relevant information.
  3. Increases job acceptance rates.
  4. Improve employee morale by hiring the right person, for the right job.
  5. Provides hiring managers with the security and ability to interview confidently, while gathering data that predicts future job performance.
  6. Improves the candidate’s hiring experience because the interview is structured by STAR behavioral questions, addressing 4 critical aspects of success: Knowledge, experience, competency, and personal attributes/motivational targets.

Our Hiring Managers, and others involved in the hiring process, who are selected for the 7.5 hours Targeted Selection education can look forward to a notification informing them of where and when to attend, and how to enroll. If you are a current Amtrak employee and want to learn more about Targeted Selection visit the Human Capital Wiki site (available for employees only). If you are hoping to join #TeamAmtrak in the future you search for open jobs at