Retirement… we’ve all thought about it, right?

Retirement... we've all thought about it, right?

Do you dream about the day you are able to retire or do you worry about this day? Do you see yourself traveling across our great nation or do you see yourself sitting on a deserted beach somewhere?

Your decision to retire involves a number of factors and the process can be confusing. You may have many questions regarding what benefits you are eligible for, how to initiate the retirement process and what happens after you retire. To help ease the retirement transition and simplify the process for Amtrak employees, we recently launched a new retirement website for our agreement and non-agreement employees. This website is a 24/7 resource for up-to-date information and forms to help guide Amtrak employees through the retirement process.

Top 5 Things to Do to Plan for Retirement

  • Determine if you are saving as much as you can through the retirement 401(K) savings plan
  • Determine if you are ready and eligible for retirement
  • Determine how you will spend your time during retirement
  • Determine how you will spend your money during retirement
  • Determine what steps you need to take to initiate the retirement process

The new Amtrak Retirement Website includes many useful features to help answer the questions above including:

  • A retirement planning checklist with information on what actions to take and when to complete them
  • Information on eligible medical benefits during retirement
  • Information on Retirement 401(K) Savings Plan,S. Railroad Retirement Board benefits, and other retiree benefits
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Who to contact “when you need answers”
  • Download a copy of the “Amtrak 2014 Destination: Retirement” booklet for agreement and non-agreement employees

Reminder: It’s never too early to begin retirement planning.

If you are an Amtrak employee and would like to learn more, visit the Human Capital Management Intranet page and click on “Retirement” under Quick Links.