Weekly #AmtrakCareersTIP Recap – July 18, 2014


Here are a few of our favorite career related articles that you may find useful as an Amtrak employee or in your job search with us.

  1. How to Have a Great Interview and Stand Out via the Rally Point Blog
    Some say going into an interview is like going into a battlefield. Well, luckily here at RallyPoint there is no battle that we cannot handle. Interviewing is hard, it is draining but the reward of getting a job is completely worth it. As with the whole job-hunting process, interviewing takes time and prep work: you want to be dressed professionally, have copies of your resume, and anything else pertinent to the interview. So are you ready? Read More >
  1. 35 Body Language Secrets That Will Help You Get Ahead at Work by Catherine Jessen via The Daily Muse
    You’ve probably heard by now that body language can give you a leg up in the workplace. It can determine the way your interactions with others go. It can make you shine in presentations and interviews. Read More >
  1. Top 10 Interview Questions and Sample Answers via Hire Heroes USA
    What about this job interests you? The interviewer is listening for an answer that indicates you’ve given this some thought and are not sending out resumes just because there is an opening. Be clear about why you are interested in the job and the value you can bring to their organization. Read More > 
  1. Top 5 Military Skills for Civilian Jobs via the Rally Point Blog
    Every skill is transferable. It’s just how you sell yourself that makes the difference.  One of the most important things to remember while in the process of translating your military experience into civilian based experienced is this: the skills you developed as a service member are truly valuable and are in high demand. Read More >
  1. 15 LinkedIn Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid by Deborah Shane via Small Biz Trends
    LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and now a potent publishing hub, too. If you use it with all of the best practices in mind, then it can be a tremendous, consistent source of connections, information and results.  But if you blunder, it won’t be nearly as powerful for you. These 15 LinkedIn mistakes can easily be avoided, so that you can get the most out of your commitment to LinkedIn. Read More >

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