Amtrak Vision and Mission – keep this handy for your next interview at Amtrak!

So you want to work at Amtrak? Or maybe (and even better), you are already one of Amtrak’s more than 20,000 awesome #TeamAmtrak employees?

Regardless, do you know what Amtrak’s Vision and Mission are and how they fit within the company’s Strategic Plan?

Before going into any interview – whether it is with Amtrak, the company you currently work for or it is with your dream company – it is always a good idea to come to the interview table with this company knowledge in your back pocket.

If you know the Vision and Mission at Amtrak, it will help set you apart from the others in the interviewing process. While most companies publish this information somewhere on their web site, we thought we’d make it easy for you and post it here on the Amtrak Careers Newsletter to keep handy for your next big interview at Amtrak.

Amtrak Vision:

Moving America where it wants to go.

This Vision Statement communicates what we aspire to do as a company in a concise and memorable way. When considered from different angles, this seven-word phrase communicates many different things about Amtrak and our purpose:

  • We serve the United States of America, its people and its guests.
  • Our job is to connect the communities and economies that comprise our nation.
  • We are not just a railroad; we are a company that moves people.
  • Amtrak responds to the market – as a business we must offer services that are in-demand and for which customers are willing to pay.

Amtrak Mission

Delivering intercity transportation with superior safety, customer service and financial excellence.

Our Mission Statement clarifies how we will achieve our Vision. As a company and as individual employees, our job is to provide safe transportation in a manner that improves the company’s financial security while ensuring that our customers have a consistent, high-quality travel experience.

You can read Amtrak’s Strategic Plan in full on the site.